Rice Purity Test

Welcome to the Rice Purity Test! We're here to offer a comprehensive examination of your personal purity score. We'll guide you through a short quiz of various scenarios and questions, and at the end, provide you with your personalized purity score. The higher your score, the more pure you are. Let's get started!

Tips: The test explores experiences, not judges or compares individuals.

Weighted Purity Test

Rice Purity Test Score Interpretation

Score Range Description Possible Implications Suggestions Approximate Age Range
100-98 You are as pure as gold. Very few people fall into this band. May lack some life experiences and an open mindset. Maintain independent thinking, actively embrace new experiences, and view the world with a more inclusive attitude. 10-14 years old
97-94 You are quite pure. Perhaps you have kissed or held hands with someone. Relatively abstinent and traditional views towards love and sex. Respect your boundaries, but also learn to be inclusive and approach diversity in life with a calm attitude. 14-18 years old
93-77 You are averagely pure. You have probably loved someone. Have normal interpersonal and romantic experiences. Maintain an open and inclusive attitude, appreciate the diversity of life, while adhering to your principles. 18-25 years old
76-45 Your purity is tainted. You have probably had numerous naughty experiences, used drugs, and/or had troubles with the law. May have had some indulgent or improper behaviors. Reflect on the past, seek opportunities for improvement. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, believing that you can start over. 20-30 years old
44-9 Your purity is very tainted. You have probably consumed hardcore drugs, been to jail, and/or been intimate in public. Lifestyle may have some risk factors. Reflect cautiously, stay away from dangerous behaviors. Maintain positive values and pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Above 25 years old
8-0 You are as corrupt as the devil. Possible extremely promiscuous or illegal behavior. Seek professional help, reshape your life values. Believe that with determination, you can start a new chapter in life. Above 25 years old

It's important to note that this is just an informal self-assessment, and the scores should not be used as a judgment of one's character or worth. Everyone should view their own and others' life experiences with empathy and an inclusive mindset. The most important thing is to maintain an open and positive attitude towards life.

The approximate age ranges provided are based on limited examples and may vary greatly in reality. Everyone's journey of growth and maturation is unique, and age should not be directly equated with test scores or morality. Similarly, test scores should not be simplistically equated with morality. Maintaining an open and inclusive mindset is crucial.

This table aims to provide a general interpretation of the Rice Purity Test scores based on the content provided. However, it is essential to remember that the purpose of the test is more for entertainment than a definitive assessment of an individual's character or experiences. Each person's life experiences and values are unique, and they should be respected and celebrated.